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The Opportunities of Second Screen.

As I mentioned earlier about the ” watchever” which is the new TV watching behavior that viewers are able to watch TV in everywhere, ever time and in what ever content. Viewers can use their mobile or tablet to consume in any time they want to, even when they are watching TV .!!


According to Nielson’s mobile device research, 2011 found that 65 – 70 % of device owners use them while watching TV at least several times a week. Moreover, the trend seem to increase in every year.

From this research, providing second screen open more opportunities for doing digital marketing. The second screen opportunities can roughly be divided into four aspects.

First is Service Providers’ aspect. The second screen application help company to provide new service innovation through developer community and differentiation the company’s services from others. Moreover, the app can also help to drive customer engagement and interaction.


Next is the aspect of developer. Providing second screen application help developer to engage with users based on existing behaviors, also help to gain access to new platforms; new multi-screen interactions.


Followed by Content providers’ aspect, the app is capable to extend value of content beyond TV, and increase viewer engagement with TV content.


The last one is Consumers’ aspect. Creating second screen applications can create a new multi-screen interactive experiences. In addition, wireless devices provide better interface for some TV-related features.


All in all, viewers has slowly turned to use their mobile devices while watching TV. These are the opportunities for a company for providing second screen application, and it would be more effective if a company do it properly, but how?????

Well, I will tell you on my next blogging.!!!!!!


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