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“Watchever”: the revolution of TV industry

With advance technology in nowadays, one of the mass media which is  TV has been changed slowly. TV used to be limited with “Time” and “Location”, but, now, watching TV is everywhere.!!!!!

multi screen tv delivery

          Mr. Olivier Jollet, Chief Product Officer of Watchever talked about this topic at the TV and Multi Screens workshop that the new and effective revolution of TV industry is “WWW” revolution. The “WWW” revolution refer to Whatever, Wherever and Whenever. People can watch TV program, VOD or any visual media in every kinds of media, in everywhere and in every time. In other world, viewers can customize the communication.

” The controller of communication is not broadcaster any more, but audiences.”


Nevertheless, there is hope for broadcaster to overcome on this situation.

Mr.Olivier Jollet suggested that TV application or TV producer need to


  1. Find your product’s killer feature

Find out What make your product different? What make your product be remembered?, then deploy them.


         2.  Search less, and watch more

Stop searching on what others do or basing on the research, but watch what the audiences are watching, watch what they react to the program, and work from it.


          3. Build one product, not several

Too much is not a must. Creating one application which can be used responsively across many kinds of devices is worth than creating applications for each devices.

Michael Combs, second from left, with his family using electronic devices.

           According to this change, customers’ behavior also be changed. They can ignore the time, media and location of watching TV, because of they can watch in everywhere, in every devices and in ever time. So that TV producers need to keep in mind that just give them what they want, when they want and in the form they want it.


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