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TV and Multi Screens: Apps World 2013, Day one

Hi, everyone, I am back!!

As I mentioned on my Facebook page and Twitter that I had a chance to attend TV and Multi Screens Workshop at the Apps World event 2013 in London last week. The Workshop was covered all topics about TV and Multi Screens by divided the workshop into 5 sessions. ( Opportunities, Marketing and Advertising, UI, Strategies and content discovery)

appworld day one


Basically, the event is about discussing around the TV application and Multi Screens’ strategies by speakers who are professional in the field of questions or topics.

For example, Mr. Roux Joubert, Acting General Manager and Programmes and On-demand from BBC, Mr. Gareth Capon,Product Development Director from BskyB or Mr. Rick Liebling, Directer, Creative Culturalist from Y&R advertising, NY

TV&Multi screens

After the event’s host opened the event, then the critical discussion were begun!!

Appsworld day 1

“Should the client develop a TV app?” this is the first questions that was asked.

What do you think? There are many answers come up, right?, but they answered in just four aspects. They are thinking of

  • Business opportunities
  • What is the content out there?
  • Differentiation
  • The outcome

But, how can you marketing your apps? This question is very difficult to answer, right? But, not for them. They answered in three simply steps with one trick which are

  1. Doing Research
  2. Design
  3. Marketing

by using USER JOURNEY to target them!!

They also mentioned that the creator must think of

  • Cooperation with content creators, such as YouTube
  • Creating new TV experience ex: Buying product directly while watching the show
  • How does the app can implement with TV that they are watching?

These are just a start of the workshop. There are more interesting and impact-able topics.

Don’t worry, I will blogging about them for sure, I promise!!  So “STAY TUNE” everyone!!

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See you next timeee^^


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