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The Future of TV : TV and Dual Screens

Hi Everyone!! How are you? Fine? Great!!

I am sorry for not blogging for a couple of weeks. I had to finish my project (CV Video that I just posted about 3 days ago) and plan for a new one.

Well, because of the project I found some interesting information about TV and Radio Production.



In 2013, people are using their smart  devices while they are watching TV, even though they are doing unrelated tasks.

According to Nielsen (2013) claimed that  around 23 – 14 % of UK performed on multi-screens tasking, while there are about 7-10% of Germany and Italy did.


In depth, Nielsen also found that

  • 61% of tablet owners check email while watching TV
  • 47% visit social networks during a show (and 45% during the ad break)
  • 37% look up information relating to the show they’re watching
  • 34% check sports scores
  • 27% look up product information based on a TV ad.

This trend seems to be increase continuously in the Future.

However, will this trend effect to the Future of Digital Marketing? Of cause, It will!! but how?!?!?!?

Well, let’s see on my next blogging.^^


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