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Top 10 Tech of this week

Referring to Mashable  research (2013), the lasted technology and invention of this week are these!!

Let’s see how they affect to the world.!!



Apple Patents Touchscreen Car Dashboard

Apple was granted a patent for a touchscreen in-car dashboard.

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Image: Fotopedia


Apple Acquires Transit App HopStop

Apple has acquired transit app HopStop as part of its bid to improve its location services.

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Image: Flickr, deerkoski


New Google Maps Now Open to Everyone — No Invite Needed

The new Google Maps web app is now open to everyone — and no invites are necessary.

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Image: Google


Microsoft Merges Internet Explorer and Mobile With ‘Companion Web’

Microsoft announced an initiative to help developers create web apps that work across any device, rolling it out with multi-platform polling tool Polar.

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Image: Polar


HTC One Mini Announced With 4.3-inch Screen, 1.4GHz Processor

After a long stream of rumors, leaks and half-announcements, HTC has finally announced the HTC One Mini

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Image: HTC



Google Maps Takes You Inside New York City Restaurants

Google Maps now takes you inside some of New York City’s most popular restaurants.

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Image: Google


Disposable Drones May Prevent Forest Fires

We typically picture military drones or those ubiquitous quadrotors. However, two new mini-drone designs are taking shape: a paper airplane and a maple seed.

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Image: University of Queensland


GlassUp Takes On Google Glass at Fraction of the Cost

Could there be a less expensive Google Glass competitor coming soon? GlassUp aims to give customers an alternative to Google’s connected glasses.

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Image: GlassUp


VLC Comes Back to iOS After Two Years of Absence

VLC, the media player that enables users to watch nearly every video format on iOS devices, is back after a two-year hiatus.

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Image: VideoLAN


Sony to Offer 4K Movie Downloads This Fall

Sony will begin offering 4K movies for download via its Video Unlimited service in the early fall, company executives announced Wednesday.

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Image: Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images





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