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Basically, Digital marketing is combined with two main areas; Technology and Content Creation. Most people will pay more attention to technology, as we see in many articles, blogs and websites that talk mainly about media or technical equipment. Although content creation or content strategy is discussed, it is seems the technology used is more important


As I am studying my Masters Degree in Future Media (Digital communications and Marketing), I had the chance to discuss Creative Content with Mr.Mike Villiers-Stuart, Senior Lecturer on the course at Birmingham City University and an expert in Brand Strategy and Creative Content.


Mr.Mike Villiers-Stuart


What is creative content means to you?


“ Creative content is difference from creative treatment of branded content. First of all, the creative element is usually a treatment that sell a brand, whereas, creative content is a product in its own right. So, creative content is story, film or promote video, but branded creative content is when you take that story out of promote video and implemented or marketed as a product. I am specialize in making creative treatment and branded content. Some body will come to me with a future film or TV show, and they will ask me to make a creative promotion for that content. For example, to be branded, BBC ONE‘s shows need to be branded differently to BBC TWO‘s show. Branded doesn’t need to be different, but the treatment need to be different, because they are talking to different audiences.”


Do you think creative branded is important for marketing? Why?


“ Definitely, because when you created promotion for a brand, it need to be done creatively, because research shows that creatively of audit promotion have a higher appreciation value than information base promotion, and you can find the research in Thinkable in 2007. I am personally prefer to make creative promotion, because a creative promotion has emotional content, and that help to convey the message and again research proved that if you have emotional element to message, you will communicate the message effectively. By the effectively, that means you can measure the increase of the audience’s appreciation of the message. So, the thing like brand association get a higher percentage rating when created treatment with emotional content to promote that brand in creative feature.”


How can you create branded content marketing?


“ First thing you do before you are even start is research.


Where are my audiences?

Who are my audiences?

Where do I find my audiences?

Are they to be found in social media?

 Are they to be found in TV?

 If so, which channel, which network, which niche interests?


Once I can identify my audiences and find them, then I will target them. Next thing I need to know is what do they like, what do they not like or interested stuff or trended stuff at that moment?”


You means try to understand the audiences?


“Try to understand your audiences as deep as you can.


What is trending with the audiences at the moment?

 And what might trended with that audiences in the future? Also, what’s Meme’s do they share?

Is there common trend do they discussion?

 Is there some thing that university appreciated among those initiation audiences?


For example, if I wanted to market something to science fiction audiences, I might choose to Star War theme, because I know it’s would reach them at that level. So, research is the most important thing of all. Unless, you’ve not done your research, you can’t effectively communicate. And by that I mean you need to be talking with their language. Once I have done my research, I can then think about how I want to convey my message, and that what is the creative treatment comes in. What is the most creative emotion way that I can share my message, so I need to think creative I know about the concept that I am going to use to deliver my message.”

“So, stage one is research, and stage two is concept.”


As you mentioned, you need to know the audiences as much as you can, but how can you know them? 


“ Ok, with something like TV! There are a lots of audiences’ researches out already. BARB (Broadcasters Audience Research Board), they have fantastically deep of figure analysis and quantities data on who is watching, what channel they watching, what’s their socio economic demographic is them? For the web, there are also web analytics that you can use to see what kinds of audiences are engaged with? Which kind of social network? For example, companies like Unruly media are expert on identify their audiences, and penetrated their audiences. If you engage in the area where your audiences are going to be found, you can find by yourself simple through logging in and scroll it up and down.



How can you apply your creative content on multi-platforms ? What are your criteria on choosing platforms?


“ Ok, first of all is research. There is on point on making radio campaign for TV audiences. Unless, I try to appeal to an audiences that is a new reinforce to existing audiences. It’s not particularly appropriate. So I would primary use a TV media to attract to TV audience. But having said that, in the multi-platforms world, when you are trying to build as biggest audiences as possible, I would start with my TV audiences. I will do my research, and I would have to come up with a concept which is attract to my TV audiences, but also reach to radio audiences to newspaper audiences, the outside pressed audiences, the online audiences or every single which can sync about this using the same message and same concept. So, in order to make something like this on multi-platforms campaign, you need to have a central universal concept that translates into every single form of media. For example, some thing that’s work like catch line, which can be used on newspaper, poster, TV or radio. A good catch phrase that said ” everything you want to say in a simple sentence”. That is a good start. Again, if you are using images as simple image that covered the concept of your message will work online, cinema or on TV or radio. Again, it needs to be covered of the media that you want to reach. So, first of all, you need the concept that you can apply to all media.


Can you tell me where do you get your creative idea from?


“Creative idea comes from your research and your brief. A client will give you a brief, and the brief said we need to say this message and we need to reach this people and the other thing that you must be said. All these will be delivered by the deadline and budget. The brief will help you to focus on creative thought, because the thing that you need to do is answer all of the points on the brief, at the same time, appeal to the audiences of your research. So, the way forward with that is creative team will work on this. First, they need to understand the audience and share their ideas, and that idea will account to concept, then concept will be call after in the execution that suite particular media.”

If someone wants to be like you, what skills do they need?


“First skill is to understand business of developing and achievable idea and how to deliver it. You need to be able to communicate well, and that means you have to learn discipline. You need to learn the discipline how to communicate effectively in the language. With the same discipline, you need to apply it into branding and marketing. If you understand that discipline, you will have a good chance to be able to communicate effectively. After that, you need to be confident that you understand the meme’s around you that you can use in communication. And then, there is a lot of idea around the talent, and I can’ t really define the talent. I think it is probably an extra way to show off and share in constructive way.”


In conclusion, a good digital marketing needs to has a good initial idea which is eventually developed into a concept. The concept needs to be a universal concept, which can be translated into various types of media. People prefer to know the branded message, not what type of media the brand use. In order to create an effective digital marketing campaign, marketers need to concentrate on creative content rather than the technological part. 


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