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Augmented Reality in Advertising Agency View

Over the past 10 years that Augmented Reality technology have been developed and applied in various fields such as healthcare or education, especially ADVERTISING, but one interesting thing is people who seem to pay attention on AR the most is Advertising Agency or Media company instead of customer, why?

To find out the answer, why don’t we ask them!!

Referring to AR summit that I participated in, I interviewed

Mr. Gary Fogarty, Digital Project Director from Ogilvy

Mr. Gary Fogarty

Mr. Gary Fogarty

and Mr. Jon Howard, Executive Product Manager for Future Development from BBC,

Mr. Jon Howard

Mr. Jon Howard

Under to questions which are

1. How AR effected to advertising agency?
2. Why advertising company seems to interest in AR more than costumers?
and found some interesting answers.
1. How AR effected to advertising agency?
Mr. Gary siad that
” AR has provided marketers with a new channel to interact and engage with consumers. It gives consumers a chance to experience a product on a whole new level where they can feel more connected and engaged with a brand, As a result of this, consumers become more interested in the products and services that a brand is selling. From an agency perspective AR allows us to exploit this technology and gives us a lot of scope to create more innovative cutting edge creative campaigns that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago. AR has changed the the way brands market, promote and sell products and if implemented correctly AR provides a much more immersive engaging and rewarding experience for consumers.”  
While Mr. Jon also answered this question in the same concept which is
As the BBC is publicly funded we aren’t involved in any commercial advertising as such. However, AR can be a useful tool in brand promotion. Over the last couple of years we have published a number of Augmented Reality experiences on the (desktop) BBC Children’s sites (CBBC & CBeebies). These have been simple affairs mainly directed at the expanding the fun experiences within our portfolio.
2. Why advertising company seems to interest in AR more than costumers?
Mr. Gary answered that
AR has been slow to take off mainly because consumers still view it as being ‘gimicky’ and to a certain extent they have a point – there have been a lot of examples where brands have used AR just for the sake of AR rather than offering a rich rewarding experience for consumers. With mobile penetration rates increasing every year, advertising agencies see the potential for brands to interact and converse with consumers in a fun, unique and engaging way. AR provides advertisers with the tools to do this. For example in the retail industry, the possibilities are endless from creating virtual shops/stores to ‘trying on’ virtual clothes and providing more feature rich shopping experiences. Also by tracking consumer behaviours AR provides brands and advertisers with key data that can be used to create more customer centric products and services for consumers.”
IKEA AR Catalog:
Virtual Shops:
As the same idea of Mr. Jon that is
The agencies will drive to use new technology as a Unique Selling Point for themselves. By demonstrating that they can produce cutting edge experiences means an agency will be considered for similar work. Even though consumers don’t engage with AR as fully as a media exec would like, I believe that the productions on offer are – by necessity – simple. This means the technology can be demonstrated at this stage – it will be a stepping stone for more expansive and meaningful productions involving immersive experiences with strong narratives. 
From these answers,even thought they are from different media, but their view on about AR on advertising is slightly the same.
To summarize,  AR seems to play important role for branding and advertising in 2 areas which are  giving user new experience and engaging people with the brand or advertising. Moreover, this technology can easily catch people interest, so there is no curious why AR is going to be used widely in the future.

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