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Makey Makey

It is true that creative ideas come from everywhere and everything in life. It may come from just a piece of paper or travelling, but the point is it came from anything. However, even though there are many creative ideas in this world, how can we make it real? How can we turn imagination into reality?

To answer this question, there is a creative innovation, which is created to support creative ideas, especially being one of the way to make the ideas visible. This innovation composes with Makey Makey bord, Alligator Clips and USB cable, and simply works by connect everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the Internet. This tool named “Makey Makey”


On 20th June 2012, the future media team with leading of Mark Brill and Meiju held the Makey Makey workshop on Birmingham Made me event at Millennium Point, Birmingham. The aim is to support creating creative ideas and suggest a simply tool to make it come true.

After brief introduction, we divined participants into 6 groups and gave them 6 questions to use Makey Makey to answer one of them. The questions were

1 Being more active is fun

2 Get kids to eat more fruit

3 Help older people

4 Better business networking

5 Train a pet

6 Help build a team

On the table of each group, there were many materials such as clay, beans or fruits, and computer which had installed some program to work with Makey Makey. After they were introduced about Makey Makey, It was the time to be creative!!


After almost two hours, this is some ideas of what they did !!

Begin with the first team, the team that I paid responsible for, Team Pinterest and Team Foursquare created an electronic dog training board with initial idea of pet care.


Next is Team Instagram created the game controller for Pacman. (At first, they tried to use orange as the controller, unfortunately it could not resist to the pressure from their steps!!)


Team Facebook developed a Pavlovian approach to childrens diet with a fruit / audio reward system.


Team Vine seemed to enjoy hitting fruit to produce strange and wonderful melodies.


Even thought most of them just knew about Makey Makey in the workshop, They all performed an excellent ideas and products. However, the winner can be only one, and the prize belonged to Team Vine!!

After the workshop, I am personally think that people who came to the event seem to be more confident on expressing their ideas after they could produce one. This workshop might not dramatically effect to their way of thinking and behavior, but it was a good beginning for them to be creative.


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