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Smart Website & Dumb Website – how benefit they are

There are 2 distinctly different types of websites available in the marketplace. There are your standard websites or “dumb websites” and your Web 2.0 websites or “smart websites”. While “smart websites” and “dumb websites” may look similar, their functions and performance are completely different. The easiest analogy I can make is an old flip phone style cell phone and your iPhone. Both devices could make phone calls, and a flip phone could even send text messages (although very time consuming) but an iPhone can receive email, you can look at the internet, take pictures and videos, use apps, and do so much more than with your old flip phone.

A “dumb” website is like your old flip phone. It is basically a brochure that sits online and is a 1 way communication tool. If people know the web address, they can visit it and read about your company. Dumb websites have been in existence for almost 20 years. You can usually secure a “dumb” website for usually $5K or less. The cost is entirely dependent on the cosmetics and size of the site.

A “smart” website may look similar to a “dumb” website, but it is the guts or the engine of the website that makes it “smart” like your iPhone. A “smart” website will literally go out and find people who are interested in your product/service but don’t know about you, and bring those people to your website. It will collect information and data about visitors that you can then use. This may be hard to believe, but a smart website WILL be your best sales person, it is never late, never calls in sick and never stops working. A smart website will pay for itself many times over by making sales or generating leads that would not have otherwise happened. The cost to secure a “smart” website will usually be in excess of $15K and must be updated regularly with new engaging content and functionality.


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