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Top 5 of most used social media for business in 2013

As we can see in nowadays, many companies pay more attention on social media marketing or online marketing. They have tried to create their brand online and repeat their brand’s image on many social media sites they can, and this trend seems to be increase in the future.

There are dozen social media platform to use, but this is TOP 5 social media sites.


It is unsurprisingly that Facebook is the most popular social network for business, because more than 750 million people use Facebook. From companies’ view, This is the biggest market for companies to gain attention, to advertise from connecting with huge amount of users. So this is the reason why 98% of the interbrands top 100 brand use Facebook for online marketing.



With the main function of posting limited massage, Twitter can reached easily to the second uses social media for business . Twitter generate 200 million tweet and 1.6 billion search per day, so this is an good opportunity for companies to do marketing

Here is the power of the blue bird on social media




Linkedin is slightly different from Facebook and twitter, because it is obviously that their using purpose is mainly focus on recruitment. Due to Linkedin can offer user to create online profile and connect to groups that user interesting in. For this reason , 59% of top-level of executive of company use LINKEDIN for networking and recruiting.


As you can see, the top brand company use Linkedin to find employee and groups.



Pinterest seems to be not in the main stream of website for business, but It is. With 85,500,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors, Pinterest can change the view of not being in field of business website



5.My Space

Even myspace seems to be an old fashion for online connection, but there aye many people still use it, and I think you have one. don’t you?  For over 70,500,000 users access to Myspace per  month, and 21% of company use Myspace for recruitment and finding their costumer





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